Did sport diminish international tensions between the wars?

mkovacs2011 | Student

There is definitely an arguement to be made that sport can diminish tensions between warring nations or factions between wars. IN some cases, sport can halt war all-together. There are two prominent examples of this. The first, being one of if not the most recognizable sporting events in the world, being the olympics. Namely after World War II, there was an abundance of tension between the Axis nations and the rest of the world. This tension was lessenned by the Olympics, and the coming together of the world for sport. Another example in which sports actually halted war, took place in The Ivory Coast. Dider Drogba, a native of the Ivory Coast, was actually able to stop conflict between warring factions in his nation in order for the nation to compete in the African Cup of Nations. It is for these reasons that sport can in fact diminish tensions between wars, and in fact halt them in other times.