Did the Sons of Liberty stop the Tea Act?

Expert Answers
mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Sons of Liberty did not stop the Tea Act from being passed.  The law gave total control of the colonial tea trade to the British East India Tea Company. It also kept the tax on tea in place. The Sons of Liberty were upset about this tax and about the monopoly that was created by this law. The Sons of Liberty developed a plan to protest the tax. This plan was designed to stop tea from reaching the colonies. In three of four cities, the colonists were successful in preventing the tea from entering the colonies. In Boston, the tea arrived on ships that docked at the harbor in Boston. It was there that the famous Boston Tea Party took place in December 1773. As a result of this action, the colonists, especially in Massachusetts, were harshly punished by the passage of the Intolerable Acts. This ultimately pushed us closer to war and independence. While the Sons of Liberty did not stop the Tea Act, they sure waged a huge protest about it.

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