Did Roy do the right thing in chapter 12 or not? Write a PEE paragraph (point, evidence, explanation) about your view.

Roy did the right thing in telling the truth in chapter 12. However, you could also make the case that by withholding information from the doctor he did the wrong thing. There are quotes in the chapter that could support both sides of the argument.

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A "PEE" paragraph is a paragraph that asks a writer to state a point (P) and then provide evidence (E) and an explanation (E). That part of your answer is locked, but the direction that you choose to take is completely up to you. Different readers are going to feel differently about Roy's actions in chapter 12, so feel free to say that he did the right thing or the wrong thing. Interestingly enough, you could probably say that he did both right and wrong in this chapter.

Let's say that your point is that Roy did right by telling his parents and the doctor the truth about him not being the one in the hospital with dog bites. Roy decided to tell the truth on that matter, rather than sneaking out of the hospital like Mullet Fingers did and leaving everybody left to wonder what had happened.

Unfortunately, a reader can't claim that Roy did the right thing of telling the truth throughout the entire chapter. When the chapter begins, Roy helps Beatrice check Mullet Fingers into the hospital. Roy not only allows Mullet Fingers to use him, but he also openly suggests it. Then he and Beatrice try to lie to the doctor about how "Roy" obtained the dog bites.

"They nailed him at soccer practice," she said. "He came runnin' home all chewed up, so we brought him here as fast as we could."

The doctor is smart, so can tell immediately that Roy and Beatrice are lying about certain details of the dog bites. However, Roy doesn't give up and end the charade to tell the truth. This could be construed as wrong.

"Oh, I believe your stepbrother was attacked by dogs," she said. "I just don't believe it happened today."

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