Did Robert Bolt invent the phrase A Man for All Seasons and if not where did it come from?

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My edition opens with an epigraph written about More by Robert Whittinton.  It says:  "More is a man of an angel's wit and singular learning; I know not his fellow.  For where is the man of that gentleness, lowliness, and affability?  And as time requireth a man of varvellous mirth and patimes; and sometimes of as sad gravity:  a man for all seasons."

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Khawla I had already received the correct answer to my question which is that Robert Whittinton created the phrase and therefore Robert Bolt's title, and I have made use of this piece of intelligence already.  If you scroll through the replies above yours you will see that the teacher Sagetrieb answered me already.

But thank you for offering the copy.


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he didn't invent the phrase "A Man For All Seasons" the title is taken from ROBERT WHITTINTON  who is a close friend of Thomas More, a character in the play, and in the play's edition of Vintage the speech of Robert Whittinton exists on thepage before the preface I can send it to u if u want.