Did Rebecca nurse really kill Goody Putnam's babies in The Crucible?

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Rebecca Nurse did not murder Putnam’s babies. The witch trials conducted by Danforth and his companions were based on lies by Abigail and her friends. Members of the Salem community took the opportunity to settle scores against each other driven by selfish interests. This includes Mrs. Putnam, who was jealous of Rebecca Nurse’s family, since Rebecca’s children grew healthy while her own died at a tender age.

Mrs. Putnam, with a growing edge of sarcasm: But I must! You think it God’s work you should never lose a child, nor grand-child either, and I bury all but one? There are wheels within wheels in this village, and fires within fires!

After Parris discovered the girls dancing, Abigail, afraid of the repercussions, blamed Tituba for witchcraft. Tituba, fearing for her life, suggested that other members of the community were witches and they put her up to it. This sparked off the trials led by Danforth, who was assisted by Reverend Hale. Hale was highly knowledgeable on matters occult. Towards the end of the trials and after much investigation, Hale and Parris determined that the girls lied and that all the convicted individuals were actually innocent. However, Danforth would not free them, stating that confidence and authority of the court was in jeopardy since they had already hanged some of the suspects implicated in witchcraft.

Hale: It is a lie! They are innocent!

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