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Did Rasputin contribute to the fall of tsarism?  

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Though a number of issues contributed to the fall of tsarism in Russia, it is hard to deny Grigori Rasputin certainly played a part in the downfall of the Romanov dynasty and, ultimately, tsarism in Russia.

Rasputin found favor with the Romanov family when he seemed to heal the tsar and tsarina's young son of hemophilia. Because he was able to help their son when nobody else could, Tsar Nicholas and Tsarina Alexandria desired to keep Rasputin close.

Over time, Rasputin became more than a spiritual healer to the royal family; he also became a confidante and an advisor. This was problematic because Rasputin often offered poor advice that led to increased turmoil in the Russian military and in the lives of Russian citizens. 

As the Romanovs continued to follow Rasputin's advice and counsel, their favorability among the people of Russia decreased. Ultimately, the people of Russia would no longer stand for the Romanov dynasty, evident by the Bolshevik Revolution, which ushered in a new phase of Russian government that eliminated the role of tsar.

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