Did Rainsford decide to stay on the island as a ruler, or did he leave the island?

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sciftw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Ultimately, this answer can go either way.  It is up to you.  

I think a case could be made for saying that Rainsford chooses to stay on the island and continue hunting people like Zaroff was doing.  Rainsford is a very good hunter.  It's a passion of his.  Beating Zaroff in a game of wits had to be a huge adrenaline rush.  Rainsford might decide that he likes the rush of hunting people and being hunted by a fellow human being.  The story does end with telling readers that Rainsford sleeps quite well after killing Zaroff.  I sleep well when I'm content and happy.  Rainsford might be content and happy with his newfound purpose in life.  

Despite the previous paragraph, I don't believe that Rainsford would take over the island and Zaroff's position.  Rainsford is horrified to learn about what Zaroff is doing.  He argues against it on moral grounds.  I don't think that being on the run for three days miraculously changes Rainsford's moral position.  I think the reason that Rainsford sleeps so well that night is because he is content and happy that his ordeal is over.  He can now safely go home.  

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Although the story does not specifically say, it is unlikely that Rainsford would remain on the island.  When he killed the general, he did it to end the game for good.  If he remained on the island as master, he would be perpetrating the scandalous activities there, which he would be highly unlikely to do.  When the general told him about the dangerous game, Rainsford was horrified.  He won the game both to save his own life and to get a chance to kill the general to make sure the game was over for sure.  He would definitely leave the island.
boeing | Student

I am sure that Rainsford would stay on the island you know why?

Coz there are so many political symboles in the story,Zaroff represents for Russia and Cossac and Rainsford represents for Ameriac.the story says that there is no any unity between these two, and a war betwwn these two country is inavoidable. so at last Zarrof is killed by Rainsford(Russia is defeated by America)and Raisford (America) would be definatly the king of his new order world.

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