How did President Andrew Jackson leave a positive political legacy?

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Jackson's positive political legacy could be argued in a couple of ways.  The first would be that his narrative was uniquely different from others who occupied the office of the President.  Jackson was from humble, if not impoverished, conditions.  Jackson was able to use this to embrace a new kind of democracy where those in the position of power were not from only the wealthiest and most landed homes.  Jackson also envisioned a nation whereby Westward Expansion was a distinct and real vision:

Few individuals played as crucial a role in the early westward expansion of the United States as Andrew Jackson.

Jackson was able to bring a "common man" approach to the Presidency, something that has become part of the office ever since.  Jackson did not believe that the President was "above" the people.  Rather Jackson was able to argue that the President was from the people and in the most democratic of ways, he made it become part of the office's responsibilities that the President forge connection with the body politic.