Did poetry and fiction written in the decades between WWI & WWII address the same concerns and reflect the sames issues?

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that you can find the presence of modernism in much of the literature between the World Wars.  The reality was that there was a fundamental disbelief in the promises of totality and authenticity which were assured following World War I.  In his poem, "The Second Coming," Yeats writes that"the falcon cannot hear the falconer."  In this light, one sees much in the way of loss and abandonment that is experienced by the Modernists following the First World War.  The intensity of challenge in seeking to find meaning in a setting where this was absent becomes a dominant theme in Modernist literature of the time.  These concerns bring themselves out in Expatriate literature and they dominated much of the literature that comes out of the Great Depression.  The desire for structure and the futility that results from such a quest is a concern in the literature between the great wars.