Did Pi's tale alter your beliefs about God? If so, in what way?

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Life of Pi is about the persistence of faith against all odds. Pi survives a shipwreck in the company of a tiger named Richard Parker, though no one believes this story afterward. Instead, Pi is reduced to telling the story of his survival at sea in a more believable, albeit less magical and mystical, way. This story is not about the faith of any one religion, as Pi is a believer in multiple religions. It is instead about faith and the existence of miracles.

Whether or not this book altered your beliefs in these concepts is up to you. There is no doubt that the author, Yann Martel, suggests that miracles surround us, though they seem to defy reason and rationality. You might have had experiences that have convinced you that miracles can really occur. In other words, this book might remind you of situations that seem miraculous in your own life. If so, this book might change your beliefs about whether miracles are real and whether we should have faith in a divine power.

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There is no single correct answer to this question. It is definitely the type of question that is asking for an individual reader's opinion. Additionally, the answer to this question is either "yes" or "no." Either your opinion was changed, or it was not. The key is going to be in explaining why your answer is yes or no.

I do not believe that whether a person already believes in God or not would affect the answer. Christians can read this book, and their particular image of who and what God is could be influenced by Pi's personal worldview and belief in God. What I believe that Pi quite powerfully shows readers is that religions and views of God that the world sees as drastically different can be blended together quite nicely. Pi does this when he takes things from three different religions and belief systems and blends them together for his own personal faith and religious practices. This did not change my personal beliefs about God, but it did make me think about a world in which religious wars are a thing of the past.

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