Did Napoleon's military tactics, strategy and ability change throughout his reign?

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Napoleon's greatest weakness; and perhaps a major reason for his ultimate defeat; is that he did not change tactics or strategy. His ability did not change, as he did not consider himself in need of adjustment. After the Battle of the Nile, when he inspired his men with a stirring speech, he abandoned them to return to France after their defeat by Lord Nelson. Similarly, when his Russian campaign failed, he again abandoned his troops. Napoleon had a remarkable ability to inspire loyalty among his men, even after his exile at Elba. He was a master strategist who personally dictated the placement of every gun and every regiment. His failure to adjust when necessary was a major factor in his downfall.

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About all I can tell you about this subject is the battle of Waterloo. During this battle, enemy soldiers were on their way and Napoleon told his men that they were French. Other than that, their muskets had never evolved into rifles and the English were literally laying down on the hills.