From Landry News, how do you know whether Mr.Larson likes or dislikes the second edition of the newspaper? 

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In Landry News, Cara Landry is a young and focused schoolgirl who has not learnt the benefits of tact and diplomacy. In an effort to reveal the truth through her passion for writing, her comments are hurtful and unproductive, claiming that "There is a teacher in the classroom, but he does not teach." Cara's own anger and frustrations tend to take over when she writes and this is not the first time. 

Cara's mother points this out to Cara who resolves to write a newspaper whose motto is "Truth and Mercy.” She writes an apology which she intends to give to her teacher. However, even though he was initially offended by Cara's comments, her teacher resolves, with the friendly guidance of his wife, to be more proactive and assigns his class a task on newspaper editorials, much to Cara's delight. With Joey de Lucca's help, Cara prepares a second edition with many positive articles and which announces that this newspaper will be  a “good-hearted newspaper.”

It is apparent that Mr Larson likes this edition as it brings tears to his eyes. 

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