Did the Mongols influence the spread of Islam, How?islam spread

samjazael123 | Student

the mongols did not help the spread of islam actually many mongols helped the spread of christianity their are legends that many huns as well as mongols where in fact enemies of the ottoman turks whom enslaved their own people. Ghengis Khan is actually part of a legend that he obtained the Holy Lance also known as the spear of christ and it lead him to create one of the worlds greatest empire, yet they did kind of help spread islam because many christians where not killed by the tip of a sword, but really by the bubonic Plague which actually originated in "mongolia" at that time. So I believe the will to conquer leads to the spread of any religion. The saracenes where people whom captured much of India during the time much of india was lead by many Mongolians so I pretty much believe they morally hated eachother. "Just like now Trading was a war" that pretty much lead to much of the spread of islam. It's more political, economical, and the tip of the sword.

gopikrishna | Student

The Mongol invasion of the Islamic heartland had mixed effects. On one hand, the Islamic world never regained its previous power. Much of the six centuries of Islamic scholarship, culture, and infrastructure was destroyed as the invaders burned libraries, replaced mosques with Buddhist temples, and destroyed intricate irrigation systems. In fact, the irrigation equipment necessary for farming in the Mesopotamian desert was not rebuilt until the 20th century. Additionally, Gaykhatu's attempt to introduce paper money at the end of the 13th century virtually destroyed trade in the region, from which it was difficult to recover.

On the other hand, the Mongol invasion was not entirely negative for the Islamic world. Perhaps the most significant achievement for the Muslims under Mongol rule was their ability to absorb the Mongols into their Islamic culture, rather than allowing its destruction at Mongol hands. This feat can be seen in the triumph of the Islamic faith over Mongol shamanism and Buddhism. It had occurred so quickly, in fact, that only 40 years after the fall of the Abbasid caliphate in 1258, the Mongols responsible for it had themselves adopted Islam as the official religion of their empire. In Central Asia, Islam gradually spread to the original homelands of the Turks and Mongols, until it was the main religion of nearly all Turkic-speaking peoples. Islam spread into Xinjiang, the western part of China, where it was tolerated by the Chinese empire. Much earlier, in the 8th and 9th centuries, a group of ethnic Chinese Han had accepted Islam. These groups continue to practice Islam today. Islam spread to China through the seaports such as Guanzhou, where the earliest Chinese masjid exists.



shweta12patel | Student

Yes they surely did, they went on a jihad(holy war) and launched an attack to spread islam on the world and it did spread in some areas

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