Did the marriage between Romeo and Juliet have any effect on why they committed suicide at the end of the play?

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One could argue that Romeo and Juliet's secret marriage certainly had an influence on their decisions to commit suicide at the end of the play. If Juliet and Romeo had not secretly married, the events leading up to their deaths would have significantly changed. Friar Laurence's plot to reunite the lovers would have never taken place if Romeo and Juliet were not secretly married. Since Friar Laurence's faulty plot is directly responsible for Romeo's decision to commit suicide after seeing Juliet's cold body in the Capulet tomb, one could argue that the events leading up to Romeo discovering Juliet's body would have never taken place had he not been secretly married to her.

If the two lovers had never been married, Juliet would have not agreed to participate in Friar Laurence's plan to drink the potion in order for Romeo to return from his exile and awaken her from the Capulet tomb. Likewise, Romeo would have not been motivated to return to Verona from his exile in Mantua to visit the Capulet...

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