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Did Lord Byron have many lovers or ever settle down with someone? I'm trying to say he is a man who never settled down. Is this right to say?

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To answer your question, YES! George Gordon Byron aka Lord Byron (1788-1824) had MANY lovers--both male and female--during one of the most scandalous lives of any of England's great writers. One lover, the Lady Caroline Lamb, knowingly described him as "mad, bad and dangerous to know." He apparently took many young male lovers while in his teens at school in Harrow, but he also had many female loves as an adult. He apparently had an incestuous affair with his half-sister and later married his cousin, which lasted only about a year.

His love of travel kept him moving constantly, which in part assured that he would never "settle down." He traveled with a handsome young personal physician while, at the same time, carried on an affair with the poet Mary Shelley's step-sister. Lord Byron had one child with his wife and as many as three other illegitimate children. One of the reasons he left England in 1816 (never to return) was his fear of arrest for incest and sodomy. (Homosexual activities were sometimes a hanging offense in early 19th century England.)

Byron became a revered hero in Greece for his activities in their civil war against the Ottoman Empire, and he died there at the age of 36.

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