Is Lenina guilty of anything that happened between her and John?     Basically I'm doing a trial on Brave new world for English class, and we're defending Lenina, and the ones who are prosecuting her are saying that the director saw Lenina do bad things and didn't say anything, and how she used Henry Foster, and how she was not in love with Bernard and that she just used him. Can you help me with making cross examinations for their statements? It is difficult for me to prove Lenina is a harmless civilian and innocent.

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Lenina is not guilty for any of the choices that she made for herself in Huxley's Brave New World because she symbolizes the epitome of the human product that her society wanted to create. Through the science of cloning, every detail was measured and calculated to form specific elements of each social class in order to secure control of society. Lenina only acted according to how she was engineered. She didn't know any better than her genetics told her. Lenina didn't know the difference between right and wrong. Her psychological conditioning--called hypnopaedia--along with her genetic engineering are the only constructors of her choices (27). Therefore, if Foster, or Bernard, or John were "used" in any way, it was because they allowed themselves to be used. When a society messes with people's minds, there are bound to be uncontrollable consequences. The new world believed that hypnopaedia was also, "The greatest moralizing and socializing force of all time" (31). Everyone was manipulated in that society; hence, no one should be blamed for any of their choices. More importantly, Lenina should not be blamed for other people's reactions to the choices that she was conditioned and engineered to make.

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