Did Lenin carry out the promises he made to the Russian population?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To a certain (and sometimes ironic) extent, Lenin could be seen as having carried out some of the promises he made to the Russian people.  The most evident of these was calling for an end to the Russian participation in World War I.  The Provisional Government could not effectively execute this.  Lenin was able to do so.  He was able to extract Russian forces from the conflict, something that he saw as primarily a conflict between the upper classes of European society with the poor paying the ultimate prices.  In pulling Russia out of the war, I think that one of Lenin's primary promises was met.

Lenin also promised the peasants in Russia that their lives would fundamentally change.  Indeed, life in Russia did change.  Everyone suffered.  Lenin's massive change and the upheaval needed to secure the nation out of civil war between Lenin's "Red Army" and the Provisional Government's "White Army" changed life for millions of Russians.  There was abundant suffering by rich, poor, powerful, and powerless.  I think that Lenin's promises that life would become better out of this change might have not been as accurate, but his demands of a life where change was evident could be seen in the most ironic of manners.