Did Julius Caesar deserve to die, why or why not?Please not about the play.

ryanthegreat | Student

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! By no means did he deserve to die!!!.......O.k.....welll....yes and no! I mean, when is it EVER o.k. to stab someone 23 times? (Thank you Shakespeare for giving us the exact number)

You see, Julius (more better referred to as 'Gaius Julius Caesar') was seen as a person who would destroy the Roman republic. He had total and utter control of Rome and all her holdings, He commanded forces from Spain to Egypt without having to discuss anything with any other commanding officers (so he could take his forces where ever he pleased), and he was the undeniable dictator of Rome. With that being said, the Senators (conspirators) took it upon themselves to end this tyrannical reign and restore the Republic to its former glory! But really, "former glory"? It wasn't all that "Glorious".

I mean, people loved Julius! The especially loved him for his reforms! He provided land pensions for his soldiers, restructured the debts of a huge percentage of Rome debters, even gave them the Julian calender (which is the calender we still use today)! But no, After his death, a second Triumberant formed from Octavian, Mark Antony, and Lepidus. Which then came forth another Civil War, and having it end with Octavian, who would change his name to Caesar Augustus, become the leader and soon the first Emperor of the Roman Empire which lasted for a long time after.

So, NO to him dying because it wasn't necessary and it could changed how Rome would have been. But sadly YES because of how he got up to his mighty position and if he didn't die, who knows if there might have been an empire at all?

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