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robertwilliam eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Yes - sort of. It's not like she just closes her eyes and lies very still: she's taken a potion which she was given by Friar Laurence, which makes her seem dead. When you've taken this potion, your blood stops pumping, and there's no medical way to tell that you're not dead. But she wakes up after 48 hours.

Juliet gets taken to the tomb, there's a funeral, and then they leave the "dead" body there. And, when Romeo arrives to kill himself (thinking she is actually dead), he arrives only minutes before Juliet wakes up from the drug - knowing nothing about what's happened in the last 48 hours. She sees her husband's body, has a short argument with the Friar (who tries to get her to run for it - and go into a nunnery) - and kills herself. But this time, it isn't a fake.

engtchr5 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This answer depends on which death we are talking about: If we are addressing her first "death," there she takes a special potion intended to make her seem dead for two days. The potion works, but unfortunately Romeo didn't get the proverbial memo, thinks she really is dead, and winds up killing himself as a result.

This leads us to Juliet's second "death," the real one this time. She awakens moments after Romeo's death, only to find the tragic events that have taken place. At that time, Juliet has a brief and tense conversation with Friar Laurence, then kills herself in an act of Shakespearean suicide.

kandii3 | Student

Yes b/c she didnt want to marry paris and b/c she had already been married to Romeo, so she figured if she'd fake her death she would have no reason to marry paris and once she wakes up her and Romeo could run away to mantua together

crystal-marie | Student

Yes Juliet faked her death because supposedly she wanted to run away with Romeo. so when she fakes her death romeo hears that she is dead and he didn't receive the letter that the messenger was supposed to give him. so by the time the messenger got there romeo was gone. so romeo went to go see Juliet for the last time and he cried and told her he loved her. Then he kissed her. So when it comes down to it Juliet did fake her death and when romeo found out that this was true he took some kind of poison to kill himself because he didn't want to be with out Juliet.

dragonfly2003 | Student

At first Juliet did face her death because she wanted to spend her married life with Romeo. Friar helped them and gave Juliet a potion to drink. Romeo didn't know so he killed himself thinking that Juliet was really dead and then Juliet wakes up and finds Romeo's dead body on her so she kills herself. It is a really sad story. For more info watch Leonardo de Caprio's version of Romeo and Juliet.

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jess1999 | Student

Juliet faked her death by drinking her potion which makes her seem dead for 2 days . Her plan was to drink the potion , be placed in the Capulet's morgue while the friar writes a letter to Romeo telling him about the plan , and wake up seeing Romeo , then live happily ever after . Which of course didn't happen . 

circa17 | Student

Her parents were going to make her marry paris and she was already married to romeo so she faked her death to run away with romeo without being searched for

stormypresnell | Student

she did because she wanted them to think that she was died because she kidd romeo

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