Bridge to Terabithia Questions and Answers
by Katherine Paterson

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Did Jess wear shoes to school on the first day in Bridge to Terabithia?

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Jess’s attire is specifically stated for his first day of school. Everyone in the class wore “their Sunday best,” and for Jess, that was his one pair of corduroys and an ironed shirt. It doesn’t explicitly state whether he’s wearing shoes until a few pages later; however, even before then, we can infer. While Jess comes from a poor farming family, one may assume he doesn’t have shoes or wouldn’t wear shoes to the first day of school.

However, we know he has sneakers from the first chapter. Also, as everyone is clearly dressed well, we can assume that would include Jess wearing shoes. He is also extremely impatient to race against the other children that day. We know that he wears his sneakers to race in, so we can assume he has them on.

In the end, we know that he does, in fact, wear sneakers. They are described as threadbare, so much so that he can practically feel the rough ground beneath his feet. Regardless of the quality, however, we know that he is, in fact, wearing them.

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