Did Jerry get his assignment from the Vigils before the Goober did in Chocolate Wars? What chapter did Jerry get his assignment?

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Goober gets his assignment from the Vigils before Jerry does.

In Chapter 5, the Goober is called before the Vigils. It is at that time that he is given the assignment to loosen the screws on all the desks in Brother Eugene's room. He actually executes the assignment in Chapter 8.

There is actually no description of the scene when Jerry gets his assignment from the Vigils, but a close examination of the sequence of events indicates that the incident occurred after Goober had completed his assignment. In Chapter 11, there is a special assembly at the chapel in which Brother Leon announces that each boy will be expected to sell fifty boxes of chocolates this year. While he is speaking, Archie reflects on the Vigil meeting in which Brother Leon had come and asked the underground group's support for the sale. Archie had agreed because the fact that Brother Leon had asked them was indicative of the power they had in the school, but now that he is listening to Brother Leon talk about the sale to the student body, he is having his regrets. Archie ruminates about how he will con other boys to sell his share; it is clear that he has not yet come up with the idea for Jerry's assignment at this point.

In Chapter 13, Jerry first refuses the chocolates in Brother Leon's homeroom. No further information is given as to the reasons for his action, and he continues to refuse the chocolates for two weeks. In Chapter 16, another student reveals to Brother Leon that Jerry's defiance is part of a Vigils' assignment, and that it is to last only a short time longer. To Jerry's own surprise, however, when the two weeks of his assignment are over, he finds himself continuing to refuse the chocolates of his own volition. In Chapter 18, Jerry gives the first direct indication that his refusal to take the chocolates had stemmed from a Vigil assignment -

"He'd been happy to have the terrible assignment all over with , the assignment completed and life normal once again."

In Chapter 19, the Goober guesses that the Vigils had been behind Jerry's decision to defy Brother Leon by not selling chocolates. Jerry admits to him that he is technically right, but tells him that now,

"it's not the Vigils...they're not in it anymore. It's me."

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