World War I Questions and Answers
by Edward Paice

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did italy have any long term reasons for getting involved in world war 11914

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Absolutely.  The biggest long term reason for their involvement in WWI was the dream of the Fascists to rebuild Italy to the glory of the Roman Empire and reclaim their historical land and dignity. 

Their alliances leaned towards the Central Powers, but as the war broke out Italy cautiously waited to see how things progressed in hopes of joining on the winning side.

Italy was approached in secret by Great Britain and signed a treaty to enter the war in opposition to its original alliance.  The British and French hoped that Italy would open up a new front to divert the Austrians- a classic divide and conquer.  In exchange, Italy was promised territory in the Adriatic Sea, a first step toward rebuilding the Roman Empire and too good a deal to pass up.

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