Did the immigrants go to special schools? if so, where? what about women?in 1900s Did the immigrants go to special schools in the 1900's?

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anthonda49 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

If your question refers to American history, then I can say no. Immigrants were thrown into society to succeed or fail based on their own motivation and luck. Children were all taught in the same type of school setting as natural-born American children did. You can imagine how difficult it was to cope with everyone speaking and communicating in a language that might be foreign to you. Add in a difference of culture, and it is surprising the immigrants managed at all. One theory called total immersion in languages does this same thing to students who want to learn another language. At the beginning, when no English is spoken, gestures, expressions and charades enable the learners to pick up on the language. Immigrant children faced the same experience. Some communities might have had a group that helped in transition between differing languages and culture, but this was the exception, not the rule.