Did Hurricane Katrina have a positive or negative impact on liberal values?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The nature of the question is something I find a bit confusing.  I am wrestling with how a natural disaster like Katrina can be seen as a political judgment on the value spectrum.  Liberals and conservatives in the Gulf Region suffered as a result of the hurricane.  I think that one could assess the political reality of the response to the hurricane, though.  I believe that Hurricane Katrina was had a damning impact on how Federal Emergency Management Agency responds to crises across the nation and I believe that the hurricane brought out the importance of investing and reinvesting money and manpower into civil engineering.  These can be political actions which can be assessed by the hurricane.  The idea of cutting back or neglecting civil service projects and evaluations of civil engineering elements was repudiated by Katrina, especially in light of how poorly managed these elements were in New Orleans.  The lack of a coordinated and powerful response in the deadly and immediate aftermath of the hurricane in New Orleans can also be assessed.  Yet, in the final analysis, there is a danger in trying to ascertain political assessments from natural disasters.  It is dangerous because it creates the idea that somehow natural disasters are ordained or developed in alliance with a political ideology, something that is not the case.

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