Did the Government have good enough reasons to make the Population Law?

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In the novel Among the Hidden by Margaret Peterson Haddix, the government does Not have good enough reasons to regulate the population requiring parents to have only two children. There is enough food; in fact, when hydroponics is used successfully to grow food, the government shuts it down. When Luke, the main character and a forbidden third child who has been hidden since birth, discovers another hidden third child, he begins to rethink what he has accepted without asking any questions.  The girl he meets named Jen gives him papers to prove that the government is lying, that the "facts" are faked, that there is no need for the population law, and lets him know that she intends to foment a revolution.   She is killed by the government, freeing Luke to leave his hidden home and "make a difference" in the world.  He plans to organize the third children to destroy the third child law and the Population Police which Luke now knows are unnecessary and a means of government control.

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