Did God have a role in America's development?Hi! I'm in a class where I need to answer this question and I just wondered what other people thought on this matter. Thanks for any help!!!!

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

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I would argue that there are two ways to answer this question.  First, we can say that we have no idea if God had a role in the development of the country.  There is no way to prove that God exists, let alone that he affected any particular part of America's development.  So, as far as something that you can prove historically, there is no way to know if God has directly taken a hand in guiding America's development.

Second, we can say that God clearly played a role in the sense that religion has clearly played a role.  Many of the things that have been important in our country's history have been motivated at least in part by a belief that people were doing the will of God.  People on both sides of the slavery issue, for example, thought they were doing God's will.  People thought that God wanted the US to expand and to take an empire (Manifest Destiny/White Man's Burden).  In this way, even if God did not actually intervene in the development of the US directly, people's beliefs about God did have a major effect on our development.