In the novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck, explain George's emotions before and after he killed his friend Lennie.The question must be edited down to one question.

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In John Steinbeck's novel Of Mice and Men, the two characters who have true friendship are George and Lennie.  With Lennie being mentally challenged and an innocent in the world, he needs George to take care of him.  George and Lennie have a dream of owning their own small plot of land, to be free of the dreary existence they lead.  When Lennie kills Curley's wife without meaning to, George knows that the dream has ended and that Lennie will have to die to satisfy the rest of the men and Curley.  Out of true friendship and love, George meets Lennie in a hidden place, talks about the land they want to someday buy, and allows Lennie to talk about their shared dream as George kills him.  George knows that there is no escape for Lennie, so he sadly takes on the final responsibility for Lennie which is his death, leaving George alone and without his dream. The world does not allow for the innocent Lennie and the caretaker George to keep their dreams and live that dream life.

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