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Did Frost believe in reincarnation?   What is the meaning of "It is this backward motion toward the source, Against the stream, that most we see ourselves in, The tribute of the current to the source," in the poem West Running Brook?

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In the poem "West Running Brook" by Robert Frost, the poet sticks with his familiar and all-absorbing theme of Nature. But this time the theme seems to go deeper, be more analytical and to deal with the difficult concept that all nature requires either death, or physical change or transformation of some sort. The question for us generally as humankind is whether there is anything after death, other than just the change of organic matter. As to reincarnation, Frost seems very interested in the idea of transformations, of energy flow from one state to another, but as to whether he believed the actual personality or soul of a person would get passed on in the same form is open to debate. Poetry, as always is subjective, so the best idea is to closely read and scrutinize the poem for any hints that you personally take from his writing.

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