Did Emmett Till's father, Louis Till really rape two women and murder a third?

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This is an example of a fact that is true but is hardly relevant.

Emmett Till was, of course, the African American boy who was lynched in Mississippi in 1955 for having offended (stories differ as to what he did) a white woman.

Till's father was in fact executed in Italy in World War II.  He was executed for raping two Italian women and killing another.  There is no way to know if Louis Till was truly guilty.

But this is of no real relevance to what happened to Emmett Till.  Till did not know his father and so his father's attitudes towards women could not have been passed on to him.  He also did not know the circumstances of his father's death.  This is, therefore, the kind of fact that is presented to try to argue that Emmett Till would have been likely to actually try to harm the woman involved in the incident.  However, I would argue that the conduct of Lewis Till can have no bearing on what happened to his son.

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