Did Eliezer's dad live until the end of the book, Night?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Eliezer's dad slowly degenerates into bad health until the second to last section of the book.  Eliezer's father becomes infected with dysentery, and this causes his death at the end of the book.  Eliezer's father endured a great deal up to this point.  However, the slow withering of both his physical and emotional state is what causes Eliezer a great amount of pain.  The ending of the book involves Eliezer's father calling out to his son for water, with Eliezer knowing very well his own internal system cannot handle water.  The condition of Eliezer's father is increasingly weakened, and this leads to his father calling out to him from the bed below.  At one point, Eliezer's father calls out to him and the son ignores his father's cries.  When Eliezer wakes up in the morning, someone else is in the bed, and he never sees his father again.  From this point on, the narrative ends with one more section, but the ending of the book is something that lingers on with the memory of a son having neglected the cries of his father.