"I did complete my ssc in 2001"     Is this sentence correct or not ?    

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In American English, at least, this sentence is not likely to be correct.  It can only be correct in very limited cases.

One case would be if someone said that you did not complete your ssc in 2001.  In that case, you can use this sentence because you would be emphasizing that you did, indeed, complete it.

Another would be if you are going to then give a sentence with a contrasting message.  "I did complete my ssc in 2001, but then I ..."

If you are just stating this as a fact, however, this is not a correct sentence.  Instead, you should say "I completed my ssc in 2001."

subrataray | Student

Grammar often is avoided to display a sense in a sentence .The present sentence from grammatical point of view should ,-"I completed my ssc in 2001".

But if we read the meaning of the given sentence in the sense as ,- It is I who completed ssc in 2001, most confidently , then we can not say the sentence incorrect .