Did Chaucer approve or disapprove of the Squire?

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Chaucer approved of the Knight, and we know this because Chaucer took so much time enumerating the qualities of the Squire. He fought in many, many crusades. The several character traits that are revealed support the fact that Chaucer approves of the Squire. He is described as being chivalrous (as all knights should) and he is honest and respectful. When one of the other characters starts to tell their tale, he asks for a happier one because he doesn’t like sad tales of tragic consequences.

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Chaucer did approve of the Squire. He felt he would grow up to be just like his father, the Knight, whom Chaucer greatly admired. One of the key phrases is the one commenting on the Squire's carving to serve his father at the table. Tells a great deal about the respect he has for his father!