In "Bud, Not Buddy", did Bud find his father and what was his name?

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Bud never meets his biological father nor does he discover his name. For the majority of the story, Bud believes that his father's name is Herman Calloway, who happens to be a famous musician living in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Bud comes to the conclusion that Herman is his father because his mother kept old flyers of Herman's past performances, which Bud keeps inside his suitcase.

Once Bud gets a ride to Grand Rapids and meets Herman, he discovers that Herman is too old to be his father and eventually learns that Herman Calloway is his grandfather. Apparently, Herman's daughter, Angela, ran off with the drummer from her father's band and had Bud. Angela then became extremely ill and died when her son was six years old.

After learning about his daughter's death, Herman is inconsolable and breaks into tears. Despite the tragic news of his daughter's unfortunate death, Bud finds a new home in Grand Rapids living with his grandfather and is given the nickname Sleepy LaBone.

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Bud does not find his father. The man he had believed to be his father, Herman E. Calloway, turns out, in fact, to be his grandfather.

When Herman finds out that Bud's mother was named Angela Janet Caldwell, he is inconsolable. Angela Janet was his daughter, whom he had loved very, very much. Herman, however, always had very high expectations of himself and everyone around him, and he was especially hard on his daughter, because he knew that "this is a hard world, especially for a Negro woman...she's got to be ready". Herman was determined that Angela Janet "was going to be the first Calloway to get schooling all the way through college so he thought he had to be strict on her, but he went overboard". He wanted the world for her, but "it was his dream, not hers...he never gave her time to pick it for herself". Angela Janet finally couldn't take her father's intractableness anymore, and ran off with one of the drummers in her father's band. This man, who never appears nor is named in the narrative, apparently is Bud's father.

Bud does find a home at the end of the story, with his grandfather, Herman E. Calloway, and his band (Chapter 19).

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