How did Black Beauty's life change after the accident on the road?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The dynamic of Sewell's work is to display something good and something bad happening to the animals in almost strikingly regularity.  After gaining insight to this, such a pattern actually works the heart of the reader.  Horses like Beauty experience something good, and then are dealt a slight of hand where something bad happens to them.  The animals are helpless, for the most part, because what happens to them is at the hands of human beings.  This pattern makes us feel for them, which is one of the dominant themes of the novel.  It is in this that we see that Beauty's life does change for the better after the accident on the road.  Beauty's collapse on the road because of the heavy load, he is taken to an auction where he is bought by a compassionate owner and where the country meadow becomes a setting for him.  After another sale, Beauty is reunited with Joe Green, where there is happiness waiting for him after a life of experiences, both good and bad, where human capacity for goodness is matched by an equally startling compassion for cruelty.