Toni Cade Bambara Questions and Answers

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Did Toni Cade Bambara have children, family?

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In reading Toni Cade Bambara's story, "Raymond's Run," one might believe that she may have written from personal experience. She writes as the narrator of the story who finds satisfaction in helping her brother rather than pursuing her own ambitions. It is quite possible that she learned this growing up. Bambara was raised with her brother by a single mother. In the neighborhoods in which she was raised, she found supportive women who encouraged her with liberal advice. As an author...

One of Bambara’s major themes is that a strong ethic of caring for and helping one another sustains African Americans.

She was a civic-minded activist. I can find no mention that she was married. She was born with the last name of "Cade," but took…

...the name of a West African ethnic group Bambara.

This name, she felt, sounded good with her own name, and also her child's name: Bambara did have one daughter named Karma Bene Bambara.

Perhaps, then, Bambara's ability to speak so clearly through the eyes of a youngster comes from memories of growing up, and/or watching her own daughter grow.

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