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"The Necklace," written by Guy de Maupassant, is a very good example of the author's writing style in the form of Realism and Naturalism that was popular in the period.  The characters are taken from real life, he makes a statement about the nature of humanity as he observed in French Society.

"In the naturalist vein, Maupassant's stories are often attentive to the failings of society, demonstrating that humankind's inherent instincts do not always conform to social values."

The story is an expression of the social class structure of France in late 19th century.  The main character Madame Loisel longs to escape the confines of her social position.  She wants to be rich, go to fancy parties, wear beautiful, rich, finely made clothes, have jewelry.  She wants to be an aristocrat.

What the author depicts in the story is how shallow this thinking is, and why, Madame Loisel is such a fool, she devotes her life to working to pay off a debt that she and her husband incurred to buy Madame Forestier a new necklace.

Because Madame Loisel worships and envies the rich, she spends her life, working very very hard, to replace a necklace that wasn't real.  The author makes a point of saying that the rich life, is fake just like the necklace that they devoted themselves to replacing.

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