Did the American Revolution's ideals of liberty and equality significantly affect the lives of African Americans and women?

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The ideals of the American Revolution didn’t significantly affect the lives of African Americans and women. One of the goals of the American Revolution included gaining freedoms that weren’t available to the colonists while under English rule. However, while white male colonists gained their freedom by winning the Revolutionary War, African Americans and women still didn’t experience full freedom. It took many years for the abolitionist movement to succeed in ending slavery. The same was true for women, who faced a long struggle to gain freedoms such as the right to vote and the right to an equal education. Many women weren’t allowed to vote until 1920, and many African Americans remained in bondage until the end of the Civil War. Some people would argue that this struggle continues today, as African Americans and women continue to face many inequalities in their lives, including limited job opportunities and unequal pay.

While all the colonists were freed from being ruled by the British when the United States was created as a result of the Revolutionary War, women and African Americans faced a long struggle to reap the benefits that came with this independence.

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