Did the American Revolution involve efforts to make American society more democratic?

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On some level, the American Revolution did involve efforts to make American society more democratic.  The fundamental issue in the Revolution was the idea that the Colonists should control their own economic destinies.  It was up to the Colonists to be able to assert their own voice over their own political and economic interests.  The Revolution's outcome that enabled them to do so is a reflection of society becoming more democratic.  There is a greater ownership of the means of production of those who are not British, part of the ruling elite.  In this, I believe there is some level of democratization in the Revolution.  Certainly, I think that one can make the argument, with some success, that the results of the American Revolution simply replaced the British officials with Colonial ones.  This might not necessarily change the level of democracy in the new setting. Yet, I do believe that some fundamental democratization in post- British America results from the American Revolution because the voice of the people, albeit wealthy Colonial ones, was validated.

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