Did America achieve its war goals in WWI?  

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The United States did not achieve its war goals.  Its side did win the war, of course, but the US's vision for the world was not implemented after the war was over.

The US's goal was not simply to win the war.  Instead, it wanted the war to be a vehicle for creating a new world order that would make the world more peaceful and democratic.  However, that goal was not achieved.

In the Treaty of Versailles, most of President Wilson's 14 Points were not included.  Instead, the treaty punished Germany harshly.  It did not guarantee self-determination for people of all nations.  It did create a League of Nations, but the League was weak and ineffective.  In not much more than 20 years, the world was at war again.  Obviously, WWI had not created a new and more peaceful world order.

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