September 11th Attacks

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Assess if Al Qaeda achieved its goals in the September 11 Attacks.

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In the most basic of senses, the objectives set out by Al- Qaeda were accomplished in the September 11 Attacks.  The desire to use aircraft as weapons, to do so using low tech tools in boarding the aircraft, and to catch the United States in a complete state of surprise were all elements that Al- Qaeda sought to do and actually did through the attacks of September 11.  Consider the ideas of then CIA Director George Tenet, when summarizing the focus of the organization:

Usama Bin Ladin's organization and other terrorist groups are placing increased emphasis on developing surrogates to carry...

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kurdikurdistan | Student

the objectives of Al Qaeda are killing non-AlQaeda recruits, misinterpret Islam and spreading out anti-Americanism ideology (though I'm personally neiter pro nor anti that ideology), so i guess YES, they achieved their goals because as a result of what they did(do) thousands of innocent people died and still die all over the world;the war was declared on Iraq and Iraqi people still suffer from its impact on every aspects of the country. that's only an exmaple of one country regardless of the life af Afghan, Pakistani people and other places where Al Qaeda bases are active. In addition, Islamophobia has furthur downed its root in the heart of non-Mulims.