Discuss social realism in The God of Small Things.

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Social realism can be defined as works that present racial and social injustice and economic deprivation through a presentation of characters who are facing such issues. By so doing, social realism protests against such inequalities and injustices. When we consider this in the light of this excellent novel, it is clear that Roy is using social realism to critique a number of different aspects of the contemporary world, including the caste system that is still in operation in India, colonialism and corrupt officials. However, one aspect that I found particularly striking is the reality of immigrants who leave countries such as India and go to "richer" and more developed countries to supposedly enjoy a better quality of life. Consider how this works out for Rahel when she goes to the United States:

After they were divorced, Rahel worked for a few months as a waitress in an Indian restaurant in New York. And then for several years as a night...

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