In Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, what is the war news with regard to Italy?Who does Anne share her room with? What happens to Anne's favorite pen?

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In August and September of 1943, the war news with regard to Italy is good.  On August 3, Anne reports that "in Italy the Fascist party has been banned...the people are fighting the Fascists in many places - even the army is actually taking part in the battle".  Anne wonders how a country in that condition can continue to wage war against England.  On September 10, Anne writes about "the best news of the whole war...Italy has capitulated...Italy's unconditional surrender".

When the Franks first move into the Annexe in the summer of 1942, Anne shares a room with her sister Margot.  Later, Anne shares the room with Mr. Dussel.

Anne has been writing in her diary with her favorite fountain pen which had been given to her by her Grandmother when she was only nine.  Anne remembers that when she was ten, she was allowed to take it with her to school, but when she was eleven, her "mistress in the sixth form only allowed (them) to use school pens and inkpots".  When she turned twelve, Anne received a new case for her favorite pen, and at thirteen, she took the pen along with her to the Annexe.  In November, 1943, Anne is fourteen, and her precious pen meets its demise when she leaves it on the table while she is preparing beans for supper.  The pen is accidentally swept with the dirt and bad beans into the stove, where it is incinerated.  The following day Daddy finds the clip used for fastening the pen among the ashes.  It is all that remains of Anne's treasure.

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