In "The Diary of Anne Frank," what is the theme of the person Anne Frank?

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Anne is very enthusiastic about life. She has hopes and dreams that reach far beyond the walls of her family's hiding place. She doesn't necessarily plan on having her own family; she plans on going to Paris, traveling, and becoming a writer. She is also an introspective young woman who desires to be mature and kind to others, but not at the expense of her own values. She demands respect but also seeks to give it to those who deserve it. She's not afraid to speak her mind to youth and adults alike, and she won't put up with being treated unfairly. There's only one thing stopping her from doing anything she wants to do in life--a war waged by bigotry and prejudice. Because of the war, this energetic soul is stifled and forced to live in hiding and in fear of losing her life at any time. She hears gunshots, burglars, bombs, and air fights going on around her outside and she has every reason to give up on life and hope. In the face of the war, world chaos, and devastating odds, Anne writes the following:

"In spite of everything, I still believe that people are really good at heart." 

This is Anne's last line in the play. The playwrights end the play with this sentence because it represents Anne's deepest character. Many would not judge her for losing hope in people during the war, but she doesn't. Her child-like hope and belief in all that's good in people surpass all expectations considering what she faces before and during the war under Nazi rule. 

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