In the Diary Of Anne Frank, how does Anne and Mr. Van Daan compare and contrast?

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There are several similarities and differences between Anne and Mr. Van Daan in The Diary of Anne Frank.

Both characters are outspoken and opinionated. Mr. Van Daan is not afraid to speak up and express what he thinks, even if it causes friction between him and the other people living in the attic. Anne is similar in the sense that she feels free to explain her opinions of others and comes across as being mean. However, unlike Mr. Van Daan, Anne does not try to be mean to others, but struggles not to. Also, both characters are very intelligent and confident in what they do. Mr. Van Daan is a smart and successful business man. On the other hand, Anne strives to be a writer. She enjoys studying, writing, and keeping up with the war news. Both of them are inconsistent with their emotions. Mr. Van Daan is very temperamental, especially towards his wife. Anne is also moody and very sensitive.

These two are interesting characters and at first glance, it does not seem like they would have a lot of similarities, but it seems they do!