In the diagram,ABC represents a horizontal triangular field.A path runs along the edge AB of the field.BC=52m,AC=71m, and angle ACB =90 Calculate the shortest distance from C to AB.Thanks

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Without loss of generality, place C at the origin, A at (71,0) and B at (0,52).

The equation of the line through A and B is `y=-52/71 x+52` .

Rewrite in standard form as `52x+71y-3692=0` .

The distance from a point `(x_0,y_0)` to a line ax+by+c=0 is:

`d=|ax_0+by_0+c|/sqrt(a^2+b^2)` . Here a=52,b=71, and c=-3692 with the point at (0,0):


Thus the shortest distance to the line is approximately 42m.

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