Is Dexter Green from "Winter Dreams" a dynamic or static character?

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Dexter is a dynamic character, meaning he changes in a significant way by the time the story ends.

Most main characters in a story are dynamic, because most stories involve meeting challenges, reacting to them, and being changed by them in some important way. In other words, the main character or protagonist in a story is not the same person as he or she was when the story began. Somehow, that person thinks differently, sees the world differently, or has developed a significantly different personality.

If a character is the opposite of dynamic--static--that means he or she experiences no significant changes; that character basically stays the same from the beginning to the end of the story. Minor characters are usually static: the ones who aren't that important to the story. Sometimes, a main character is static in a story because he misses out on a chance to change.

Getting back to Dexter in "Winter Dreams ," let's see what makes him a dynamic character by examining his character traits near...

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