Scout Finds The Church Service To Be Similar

Describe three similarities and three differences Scout notices between her own church and Calpurnia's in To Kill A Mockingbird.

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1. They both sang songs during the service.

2. The both blessed the sick and the suffering.

"Reverend Sykes then called on the Lord to bless the sick and the suffering, a procedure no different from our church practice." (pg 121)

3. They both talked about the faults of mankind.  Scout noticed that they emphasized in both churches the Impurity of Women doctrine.

"Again, as I had often met it in my own church, I was confronted with the Impurity of Women doctrine that seemed to preoccupy all clergymen." (pg 122)

4. They both give offerings and make collections. 

5. Calpurina notes that the minister was tedious and long-winded that morning, and Jem says that is the same in their church on page 124.

6. Content of the sermon was basically the same.

"Jem and I had heard the same sermon Sunday after Sunday." (pg 122)


1. Scout notices that they don't have certain customs common in the white people's church.  They don't have a piano or organ.  They don't have hymnals, and they don't have church programs.  Calpurnia explains to her later,

"Wouldn't do any good... They can't read" (pg 124)

2. When they sing, Zeebo gets up and sings a line, and then the people repeat it.  There is no music.

3. When they collect monies during the service, they collect it for a specific purpose.  Reverend Sykes says,

"The collections taken up today and for the next three Sundays will go to Helen..." (Tom Robinson's wife) (pg 121)

4. If they do not get enough collected, they close the doors and don't let anyone leave until they have enough. 

5. When they bless the sick and the suffering, Rev. Sykes speaks of specific cases.  (pg 121)

6. Rev. Sykes directed his attention to individual lapses from grace. He would names specific people in his sermon. 

"Jem and I had heard the same sermon Sunday after Sunday with only one exception.  Rev. Sykes used his pupit more freely to express his views on individual lapses from grace. " (pg 122)


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