In The Devil's Arithmetic, which musician is executed ?

Expert Answers
teachsuccess eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In The Devil's Arithmetic, the violinist from the klezmer band is one of six men executed by the guards for daring to plot and carry out an escape.

In Chapter 17, Gitl tells Hannah that a small group of Jews are planning an escape and that she, Yitzchak and Shmuel, are part of the plan. She begs Hannah to keep this knowledge a secret. When Hannah presses Gitl for more details, Gitl tells her that it is better that she stays in the dark about the specifics of the plan.

Things continue normally until the night Gitl alerts Hannah that the time has come to carry out their daring plan. Both of them walk quietly out of their barracks (which has been left unlocked, thanks to a bribed guard), but matters come to a head when they hear gunshots and a man's horrible screams.  From this frightening development, Gitl realizes that their plan has been discovered, and she quickly rushes Hannah back into their barracks.

The next morning, Commandant Breuer has the six men involved in the escape plan lined up against the wall and shot. The violinist is one of the men brutally murdered.