In " The Devil and Tom Walker," what are 3 actions Tom takes to change his life after making the deal with the devil?

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

After making his deal with the Devil, Tom Walker becomes a usurer, becoming a wealthy and "mighty man." However, as he grows older, Tom regrets the bargain which he has made. So, he tries to make up for his sins by doing the following: 

  1. He became a "violent churchgoer," praying loudly if he had sinned.
  2. He censures his neighbors's sins
  3. He carries a Bible in his coat pocket.

As Tom grows older, he begins to worry about the next life, pondering with regret now on the bargain that he has made with Old Scratch. So, he sets out to cheat Old Scratch of the bargain for his soul, hoping to retrieve his soul before he dies. He, therefore, becomes very rigid in his religion. But, because he feels that the Devil will "have his due," Tom carries the Bible with him. Nevertheless, his true nature emerges. One day there are three loud knocks at the door of his business. Outside stands a black man with a black horse, which stamps with impatience. "Tom, you're come for," said the black man, and Tom shrinks back in fear. The black man whisks Tom off with Tom on his back as he gallops away, and Tom Walker never returns.


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