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Explain the chronological development of drama from Greek to the Modern English Period.

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The origins of Greek drama are found in the religious ceremonies dedicated to Dionysus, the Greek god of "wine, women and song" so to speak or as I always call him, the party god.

It was out of the chorus of priests chanting the dithyrambs to Dionysus that Thespis stepped out and became the first actor and playwright.  Thus Greek drama was born and begot many children.

Roman theatre was a poor imitation that eventually deteriorated in sexually provocative dances called pantomimes (which eventually evolved into ballet),  tasteless farces called mimes and, of course, the popular entertainment of the gladiatorial contests.  Seneca's closet dramas were the only plays worth remembering since later dramatists preferred his looser rules to those of the Greek.

During the Middle Ages, drama again was found in religion.  Since the church services were in Latin and most people did not speak or understand Latin, stories from the Bible were performed in liturgical dramas.  When these became too big...

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